In line with Covid-19 Government guidance we are currently suspending our  services .

Please contact us for a quote for future event bookings.

richard-branson (.jpg

I'd say you'd be BONKERS not

to bring them to your event! 

Sir Richard Branson 

Founder - Virgin Group

So, Why Bring Us To Your Event?

We're not your typical spa,

we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box.


We create innovative and exciting experiences and are portable enough to adapt to any event space. 


Our VR & Bespoke Massage Experiences provide fun and imaginative ways to invite everyone to enjoy the benefits of massage. 

Our menus can be customised to any event or occasion and we allow guests to customise all aspects of their massage.

Virtual Reality

Massage Experiences.

Our Innovative and Immersive Experiences Combine Massage with the

latest VR Technology.

Spa Done Differently

 Using our scale of 'Calm to Crazy'

we create, unique, out of the box experiences, allowing guests to customise all elements of their massage. All our customisable options are designed around each event's theme, venue & vibe...


We're not all whale music and scented candles, unless you want scented candles? Then we're totally scented candles. 


Is your event pretty chilled, or more fully charged? Either way we've got you.

Customised Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is becoming a popular addition to many events. We can create the perfect class to suit your event's needs...

Did someone say downward dog?

SfO Signature 

A selection of our favourites.

 A unique and exciting addition to any event,

office or party!

Bio Glitter

Our 'Eco Glitter Fun' guilt free sparkles are the perfect addition to any Event or Occassion!

Energiser Breaks

Our Energiser Breaks come highly recommended... We've been known to get a room full of CEO's and Execs to do the 


Find out what they are, and if they could work

for your event.

Hosting & Bartending

Did someone say

Hostesses With The Mostest? 

 As experienced hosts & bartenders, we can be on hand for all your event hosting needs. Did we mention we make a mean Margarita?

Event  Operations

 Highly experienced, and extremely efficient. we've covered the spectrum when it comes to events.


Spa from Ordinary Ltd.

27 Old Gloucester Street




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