Spa from Ordinary 2019

Virtual Reality Massage Experiences

Escape on your own journey to your chosen virtual location with our fully immersive unique experience!


With environments from lakesides to jungles, our

VR Massage Experiences are a unique and exciting addition to any event, office or party.


SfO Signature VR Experience Includes:


Oil inhalation, neck & shoulder pressures

& hand & arm massage.


Customise your experience:


Location Services: - Your chosen virtual location & sounds are played through the VR headset.


Lotions & Potions: - Choose your oil scent.



Back Massage

Our short but effective Bespoke Back Massage is performed over clothing and is designed to target the most common areas of tension in the upper body.

Customise your experience:


Pick Your Beats: - Your choice of music is played through headphones


Lotions & Potions: - Choose your oil scent.



Find out more about our full Bespoke Massage Experiences

Express Experience Packages

Express Experience Packages are inclusive of 2 therapists

operating over 2 stations of your choice.

SfO VR Experience Package: 

2 x VR Stations


SfO VR & Bespoke Back

Massage Package:

1 x VR station

 1 x Bespoke Back Massage Station



SfO Signature

Experience Package:


1 x VR station

 1 x Bespoke Back Massage Station

1 x Eco Glitter Station

(2 therapists rotating over 3 stations)



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