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Customised Yoga & Meditation

Also Available Online

Yoga isn't all about bending into a pretzel and is becoming a popular addition to many events and workplaces, it provides a great opportunity for guests and employees to connect their mind, body and soul.

We'll take the theme of your event and use it to build the intention for the class, creating a totally unique experience for your guests or employees. Whether they know their cobra from their camel, or their down dog from their up dog, we can create classes to cater to any event or experience level. 

SfO Visualisation 

Yoga & Guided 

Imagery Meditation 

 Also Available Online

Our Visualisation Yoga invites you to use the power of your imagination as we guide you in a unique and mindful yoga practice which can cater to all experience levels and will provide an uplifting boost to your day. 

Our guided imagery meditation allows you to become immersed in the location of your choice. 

Allow our voices to guide you in setting the scene with our detailed descriptive storytelling, as your mind carries you on a mini vacation with these ultimate relaxing and calming meditations.


All you need is a quiet, comfortable space, and a pillow or blanket.


Yin to Yang

We've got a few yoga styles under our belt so whether you're looking for a relaxing, restorative session or a rigorous active flow, just let us know. 


to Trendy*

We LOVE Traditional yoga, but it wouldn't be Spa from Ordinary if we didn't over you those calm to crazy options, right?


So stay Traditional or add a Trendy* spin on your yoga class... 

Ever tried Champagne yoga?

*Ok, when we say Trendy we're talking about anything out of the Ordinary! There are a few crazy styles out there, from goat yoga to beer yoga, so if you want to add crazy props be sure to let us know! Subject to availability.

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