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Spa Done Differently 

Massages Made To Measure  

Tailor made experiences to suit your event, venue and vibe.
With over 12 years experience, we know a thing or two about massage.
Massages are amazing, anytime, anywhere, but not everyone
wants to drift away into dreamland...that's why we created 'Bespoke Massage Experiences'.
Our scale of 'Calm to Crazy' allows you to gauge each option, you can stay true to traditional spa style massage, or tip the scale towards the crazy end.
The option to tailor each section creates a unique and exciting element to every guest's experience. 

Bespoke Massages are charged on a per hour basis but can be Performed in 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute bookings as you event sees fit. Contact us for a quote.

The Options 

Copy of Pick your Beats WEB Ready.png

Meditation to Metal

Okay, nature sounds aren't everyone's cup of tea, some people prefer rock 'n' roll to raindrops. That's why our music collection can cater to all. We can allow guests to drift away, or be raring to go on to the next activity. Pick a few genres for us to put on your menu, or leave us to offer the full collection!

Lotions & Potions WEB (1).png

Aromatherapy to Alcohol*

From Relaxing Oils & Lotions to Extraordinary Potions. We can massage with pretty much anything.  We use high grade aromatherapy oils for calming, focusing or uplifting purposes. If you're event's a little crazier we offer fun and unique potions.


We aren't call spa from ordinary for nothin'

Hydration Station WEB blue (1).png

Coconuts to Cocktails*

A customer favourite!

From Coconut water to Cocktails,*

our Hydration Station makes sure no one's left thirsty. H2O comes as standard, just let us know what else you'd like us to offer. They'll be served through extra long sustainably sourced straws, through the face hole.

Genius. We know.


Anything Goes...

No spa? No problem! We'll find the perfect remote location to set up our Spa. We're well known for our creativity and have provided massages in some unbelievable locations. From board rooms to beaches, and roof tops to floating pontoons. Tell us about your venue, and let us get creative. We'll find the best spot, in (or outside) the house! 

Theme WEB.png

Where The Magic Happens

Does your event have a theme or are you celebrating something specific? We can create a signature treatment to compliment your activities or festivities! 


From Sundae Session; icecream themed massages to Whacky Wonderland; tea parties...We bet you've never had a massage down a rabbit hole...


Feel Good, Do Good

10% of the profit from our Bespoke Massage Experiences go to one of our chosen charities. It's up to you to decide which one you'd like to support. If you have a charity which is close to your heart or meaningful to your event, let us know.


Spa from Ordinary Ltd.

27 Old Gloucester Street




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