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Creating Unique Experiences

Our Journey

It all started in 2014 when we met, working as spa therapists on Necker Island, British Virgin Islands.

The idea to get creative and change things up came to us during an entrepreneur event. A couple of guests challenged us to think outside the box, and the rest is history. Our creative geniuses were unleashed, and before we knew it we were coming  up with unique experiences using different areas of the island. We challenged each other to think of new and exciting themes and locations.

Moving On

Ah ha...

A year later we found out the same group were returning to the Island so we decided to up our game. The results spoke for themselves. As we continued to experiment, we realised this sort of experience didn't exist.

As spa therapists we were required to host and help with events. With a mutual love for dancing, getting the party started, and spreading fun wherever we could, we discovered hosting was our thing!

We soon identified our dream job would combine spa with events.

That's when we had our 'Ah ha' moment 

and 'Spa from Ordinary' was born.

Fast forward to summer 2017 and we were at our first event as 

Spa from Ordinary.

Naturally, we picked the best spots to perform our massages.

Floating pontoon anyone?!

The event was super fun and action packed so we got to experiment on the crazier end of the scale!

We got some great feedback...


3,2,1 Lift off...


Spa from Ordinary Ltd.

27 Old Gloucester Street




Contact Us

07889387740 / 07824669428 

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