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VR Massage Experiences

We take Massage to the next level with the Immersive Experience of Virtual Reality.

 Combining effective massage techniques with the latest VR Technology, for the Ultimate Massage Experience.

Escape The Ordinary

Take in the sights, sounds and scents as we transport you to your chosen virtual location.


With environments from beaches to jungles, where will you go?

Immersive & Effective

For 15 minutes I was able to escape the office environment to find myself in a forest, free from my surrounding visual and audible distractions allowing me to enjoy a head, neck, shoulders, arms and hand massage. It was the perfect balance of experience and benefits I could take into the rest of my day.

Our Signature VR Massage Experiences

Express Escape.

Immerse yourself in our Express Escape.

Perfect for most events.

Experience includes: oil inhalation,

neck & shoulder pressures and hand & arm massage,

(performed seated, over clothing).

Great Escape.

Enhance your experience with our Great Escape!


Experience includes: oil inhalation, hand & arm massage, foot massage, back, neck & shoulder massage.

Ultimate Escape.

For a truly out of this world experience try our Ultimate Escape!


Experience includes: oil inhalation followed by a full body massage.


Spa from Ordinary Ltd.

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